The Bruce (Beer Hut Brewing Co.)

Happy post-St. Patrick’s day – we hope everyone enjoyed what is basically the World Cup of drinking! I hope you had all panic bought cans for yesterday as it appeared the majority of bars were closed and there was no craic about town. It’s mental isn’t it? Who would have thought the Irish would have the bars all closed. God tried to do that and failed. COVID-19 is our new God.

Anyway, enough of that. Today, we’re here to check out The Bruce by Beer Hut brewing. Stu and I have tried quite a few brews from Beer Hut already and we’re fanbois to be honest. So let’s see how we get on here, shall we? This is a 6.5% ABV tipple and comes in a 440ml can. It pours a lovely hazy gold with an inviting looking white head on it. I’m thirsty so it’s hard not to forgo the sniff test and get lashed right into the can.

On the nose, there’s a clear citrusy, piney sort of aroma and it smells really fresh, as if you opened a bag of fresh fruit or something. The taste feels medium bodied. It’s citrusy, piney, juicy and absolutely bursting with flavour from the get-go here. It’s a really refreshing beer and pairs well with the top quality banter at the table here. There’s a nice grapefruit zest to it as well which shines though in this flavoursome brew.

To sum up, yeah this was fantastic and another great beer from the more than capable folk at Beer Hut brewing. It’s always a pleasure checking out their range and we can’t wait to head back for more.

I’d give this 4.2 Robert’s out of 5.


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