Nitro (IPA, Guinness)

The irony of travelling from Ireland to Spain and buying a tin of a Guinness brew is not lost on me. As you know i’m a soft touch when it comes to gimmickry. A shiny tin or a matt label and i’m anyones. That was my thinking when i grabbed this one off the shelf…

Anyone familiar with the brand knows that a widget in a can is a firm Guinness staple, one that this Nitrogen-infused IPA does not shy away from. I can’t help thinking they should lean into it more and put “FREE PING PONG BALL INSIDE” on the tins.

There is a light carbonation which results in a smooth sip. Watching this one settle is an absolute joy. It has all the familiar markings of a pint of the black stuff but without the lengthy wait. The steady head even remains the whole way down. That is, if you can actually get through it.

Can you imagine what a Guinness IPA would taste like? Stick with that. It’s a strong and bodied, creamy smooth meal in a glass. Weighing in at 5.3% ABV and a 440ml boi – the novelty of this concoction begins to wear off very quickly indeed. What began as a Guinness-influenced IPA now tastes like a pint of stout that has been left out in the rain.

Presumably this is an effort to bridge the gap between the black stuff and the hip stuff, and being a fan of the former and the latter i have to say – i am not here for it.

I don’t want to use the word “abomination” but…… this is a definite corruption of the natural order.

1 Andrew Baggaley out of 5


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