Boom India Session Ale (Stone Barrel Brewing)

Today’s tipple of choice is the Boom India Session Ale by Stone Barrel Brewing. This brew comes in a 440ml can, is 4.5% ABV and has an IBU of 50. The venue? The more than capable Hop House in sunny Bangor of course! With the world outside buzzing around losing its proverbial ‘shit’ over the Corona Virus, we’re doing the right thing by looking after our health and getting stuck into a few delicious cans. The can is cracked & poured so let’s get stuck in!

On the nose, I’m getting fruity notes, along the lines of lemon and pineapple here. Also, I can smell the hops shining through so the mouth is watering away as you can imagine. I head in for the first sip and like the smell, it tastes quite fruity and citrusy. It’s a really refreshing tipple and I can imagine this would be a great beer for the summer on those hot days. Seeing as we’re in Bangor, I’m imagining us out for a good dander along the coast with a picnic and a few of these cans, it’d be lovely. But we’re a few months off summer yet so I’ll hold that excitement in.

All in all, I’ve enjoyed this tipple and it goes down pretty easily. At 4.5% ABV it’s pretty session-able and would be a great can for a day drink when you’d like to have a few sociable ones but still go home sober enough. I’d re-visit this can for sure!

Out of 5? I’d give this a 3.2 skullybois out of 5


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