Prism, Irish Red Ale (Clearsky Brewing Co.)

Happy Wednesday! We’re back with this offering from Clearsky Brewing Co and today we’ve got the Prism Irish Red Ale. This guy comes in a 500ml bottle and is a breezy 4.5% ABV. The setting, as seen in the photo above is soundcheck at the Goat’s Toe in Bangor. I had just finished checking drums and decided to take myself off to the comfy upstairs area for a moment of chill before the doors opened for the show. I’ve always been a fan of the traditional Irish red ale, as we’ve mentioned on the podcast numerous times so let’s get stuck in.

On the nose, it’s got a malty pine sort of aroma and smells pleasant like that traditional red ale we all know and love. I head in for a sip and notice that familiar red ale taste as well, it’s light in carbonation and malty on the tongue. The sip is quite clean and there’s no haziness to it which is nice as some of these ales can have that little hazey woodiness to them. But this has a hint of fruits in the taste that makes it a pleasant wee tipple.

To sum up, I’ve enjoyed this effort by Clearsky but it’s not my favourite from their range. Fulcrum by Clearsky still stands proud as their best in my opinion. Although in saying that, Clearsky have consistently pumped out bangers so far and I’ve not had anything from themselves that I didn’t enjoy. I can’t wait to see what else they come out with as they’ve brewed wonders so far.

3.5 hard working red ales out of 5


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