Cubanisto rum beer broken barell brewing co rum

Cubanisto (Broken Barrel Brewing)

This one smells like rum, tastes like rum and is basically a very delicious rum. Rum rum rum rum. Think along those desperado lines but a taste not nearly as chemically dependant. There’s a lovely lime vibe in there. 

If I can stop swigging it long enough to analyse it I would probably say I’m a big fan. It comes in a massive 500ml tin and clocks a 5.9% ABV. The missus, an avid beer-hater even had a swig and agreed it was an accessible taste. Another potential for our Summer sipper list. This one goes down too easy but it’s safe to say you’d have a busting head after a few of these. Sweeeeeeet, sweet rum !

As we all know : anything with a skull on it is ultimately very cool and a tin with a skull on it is definitely worth drinking!

4.1 skeleton Bois out of 5


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