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Estrella Damm Inedit (Grupo Damm)

This wheat beer (or Witbier if you want to be arsey about it) packs an entire field of wheat crops into each bottle – and you can smell it straight away. 

The bottle tells me this one is “Crafted by Ferran Adria the world’s most award winning chef and the Damm Brewmaster”. I had to look the lad up as I was working under the assumption of “if he was really that good I would have heard of him”. I tend to find this with people putting their names on beers. I’m not going to mention names cos I’m a classy bitch….

Anyway, turns out Ferran is big business and has done everything this beer said he had. Wikipedia didn’t tell me that this beer tastes like a bowl of shredded wheat and the taste isn’t going to win any awards with me. It is fairly light for a wheat beer to be fair and the flavour is well-rounded. It pours as hazy gold and might make a nice accompaniment to an over-priced meal but sitting on the sofa watching UFO documentaries isn’t quite cutting it. 

It’s a fancy-looking bottle with a very understated design, both classy and elegant – but the contents are not to my uncultured tastes…

4.8% ABV – 2.2 Michelin stars out of 5



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