Neck Oil Session IPA (Beavertown)

Here we all are now, back in Beavertown and what a town it is too. Fun fact, Beavertown was started by Robert Plant’s son Logan Plant. How cool is that? Recently, there was a bit of controversy as Heineken are now involved in Beavertown so raised the argument ‘is it still craft if it’s owned by a macro brewery?’ To which we say, does it matter? If a beer tastes nice, it’s nice. Or if it’s crap, it’s crap. Who cares who owns what? Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

As you can see, I’ve poured a belter here and I’m really proud of myself as I normally screw up ‘from the can’ pourings which means there’s always far too much head. I’ve managed to only have a little bit of head on this brew which is class so I’m excited to see where it goes. By the way, shout out to The Dirty Onion in Belfast for this. They have a great selection of craft beers, whiskeys and knowledgeable staff who’ll help you out if you’re unsure what you’re in the mood for. Well, provided you go during the day when it’s quiet as it can get quite busy at night, being that it’s based in the touristy hub of Cathedral Quarter.

This comes in 330ml canboi form and clocks in at a healthy 4.3% which makes it a perfectly sessionable brew. It pours a lovely gold with a frothy white head and is quite citrusy on the nose so I’m thinking there’ll be a bit of orange on the tongue here. On the tongue, I can taste that lovely IPA hoppy flavour and wow, the hops are shining through like a mutha. But in a pleasant way though! It’s light to medium bodied and I could see myself just knocking back more than a few of these as it’s so easily drank. Would have this again for sure, uppa Beavertown!

3.7 Neckybois out of 5


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