Mango Milkshake IPA, La Brasserie du mont Saleve (Tiny Rebel)

Sean and I got tore into these at The Atlantic in Portrush and a merry time was had. I subsequently had to return to the well myself for a review.

This one gives off an ultimately fruity and zesty aroma. You get a hint at the creamy smoothness. Not a bad opening smell and not too far from what I was expecting. You can also get an idea of the sweetness from the initial waft.

This boi instantly tastes creamy like mangoes as opposed to actual cream. There’s a distinct “mangoes got rung out and shaken about” vibe to the aftertaste, and no mistaking the flavour.

It tastes like a special edition from the Maine man, which would’ve been an instant hit to 10 year old Stu but is subsequently a bigger hit to 38 year old Stu. This is beautiful. I want to swim in this 4.2% ABV 330ml boi. An absolute top summer sipper and a strong contender for our Top Summer Beers list this year.

Tiny rebel love the sweetness and as I’ve expressed many times on the pod – I love them for it.

4.4 milky mangos out of 5 Stu

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