Session IPA (Dopey Dick Brewery)

We were out for lunch there and ended up hitting the Belfast leg of Bunsen Burgers. I had been once before and it was class so went back for another tasty burger. If you haven’t been, definitely check it out – the burgers are unreal. They are in Dublin and Belfast at the minute as far as I’ve seen but are probably all over by now. Still in burger heaven right here!

I checked the beer board, noticed they have Dopey Dick on there and couldn’t resist grabbing a bottle. This is the Dopey Dick Session IPA and it clocks in at a 4.5% ABV. I’ve had this on draught before up in Derry when in their Taphouse just off Guildhall Square and it was class on tap. The bottle arrives opened so didn’t get the chance to do the crack & snifter test. Not that I wanted to anyway as my taste buds were already in burgerland.

On the tongue, it’s light, fruity and slightly malty. It’s got a nice hop to it and pairs really well with the burgers as it’s smooth & at the same time, very refreshing. This is a solid session IPA and to be fair, if I could start a session off with any IPA, this would be right up there with the best of them as it’s so easily drank.

3.8 whales out of 5


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