Blonde Witch (Moorhouse’s Brewery)

Joining us today is ‘Blonde Witch’ by Moorhouse Brewery and to be honest, I grabbed this when I was in buying a mop, bucket and cleaning supplies as I thought to myself ‘hey Seán, well done on the whole cleaning thing, you need a single beer for afterwards.’ I never go against my gut feeling and this is another one of those times where I just trusted myself implicitly.

This witch clocks in at 4.4% and comes in a 500ml bottle. I crack it open and notice that familiar ale aroma but also, there’s slightly fruity notes coming through. On the tongue, it’s fruity, slightly citrusy and a bit malty. It’s grand enough, it’s one of those does its job and heads on its way sort of beers. This brew certainly has the classic English ale taste about it and for that, I think it doesn’t really stand out from the rest. Picture a standard English ale, old reliable, one you can go into any pub and order it, it’s always going to be the same, no better or worse, it just is. And that’s what I like about this I think.

Not much else to say about this really, if you’re looking for a classic blonde ale, this is your witch.

3.1 S’up Witches? out of 5


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