Chérie Biere (Blanche a la Cerise, Brasserie de l'Abbaye d'Aulne)

Ask anyone – I’m not a Cherry beer guy. My brother might state that i’m something different, but none of those relate to my beer preferences. So maybe don’t ask ANYONE…. Either way this isn’t something i would usually grab so it’s somewhat of a novelty.

This is my first of this style and flavour beer that I can actually recollect so you might say i’m popping my cherry with this one from Brasserie de l’Abbaye d’Aulne.

Right off the bat this one is super fresh and fruity. I tentatively eye down the bottle before taking a whiff of the contents. Have i just wasted about 3 Euros ? I have a somewhat strained relationship with this fruit. Not a fan. A fan of the flavour yes, but not that marzipan end of it. Does Dr pepper count? Cherry Coke perhaps?

I dive right in – This one is delicious. It smells almost strawberry but the taste is Apple and cherry verging on raspberry. I was surprised to learn after the fact that this was a wheat beer. It did not taste of piss which is my reaction to most wheat beers. This is lovely stuff. Only 3.5% and a 330 glass boi. I would go back for more but the sweetness might become an issue after about the 14th or 15th bottle.

4.1 fantaisies Françaises out of 5


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