Amok IPA (Trzech Kumpli Brewery)

Happy birthday to me (for yesterday)! Can’t believe I’m 20 already, that’s mental. It’s crazy being a whole 2 decades old. Yeah… I’m not 20.

Anyway… Beer? Joining us today is the Amok IPA by Trzech Kumpli brewery. Off the bat, I notice the logo on the bottle and think ‘Ha. Weed.’ Straight away but apparently this isn’t a weed infused beer, despite the Cheech n Chong lookin’ design on the label. No… Those are ‘hops’. This brew clocks in at 6.1% ABV and through the bottle, the liquid inside looks pretty dank.

The lid is cracked and on the nose, it’s hoppy and smells a bit fruity. I go in for a taste to notice that it’s full bodied and surprisingly smooth. From the outset, I expected a dank, thicker tasting beer as it looks quite murky. However, I’ve been happily proved wrong here and its turned out to be a nice chill drink. The taste is sweet but quite strong in the boozy sense which comes from the full body of it. It definitely tastes hazy and has a nice tropical sort of flavour about it. All in all, I’ve enjoyed this and would like to try more from the brewery for sure!

3.6 Afromans out of 5



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