Go West IPA (Lumi Brewing)

GO WEST – LIFE IS PEACEFUL THERE. Sorry (not sorry) but couldn’t resist!
Today’s tipple is the Go West American IPA by LUMI brewing and it clocks in at 6% ABV with the IBU sitting at a tasty 75 so I’m thinking we should be treated to a nice bitterboi here in this 330ml can. Let’s crack it shall we?

On the nose, it’s light, inviting and has a pine aroma about it, like a fresh smellin’ woods. I lash into it as the mouth was watering like crazy by this stage and notice that it’s got the same pine notes on the tongue. It’s not quite like licking a tree but it’s as close as you could get without someone thinking you’ve gone mental. There’s a nice full body to this brew and it’s got a tasty bitter finish as well, not too over powering but just the right amount of bitterness to send you on your merry way. There’s a hint of grapefruit in there too which really takes centre stage for most of your sipping journey and it seems like the pine taste leaves wee bread crumbs to find its way back to you.

Overall, I enjoyed this beer. It’s light, refreshing and nicely zesty. I could see myself having a few of these as I do enjoy a good bitter beer. This isn’t the most hectic bitter but wouldn’t be a good one to start out on if you’ve not had bitter beers before. Definitely would have this again.

3.9 tree huggers out of 5


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