Star City, Double IPA (Mothership / Fourpure Brewing)

One small step for man, one giant leap for DIPA-kind. This 440 boi is chock full of Enigma and El Dorado hops and weighs in at a manageable 7.4% . The tin art is very cool indeed – a kind of retro Lichtenstein-meets-50’s-toy-box style. Between that and the name Star City, it sets the consumer up for a nice little adventure. Boldly we go…..

This is my first experience of Mothership Brewing (and at this point I think we’ve reviewed every Fourpure ever released) and I have to say I enjoyed this collaboration immensely.

There’s a definite freshness to this DIPA. It provides everything I’ve come to love about the style. The dank and sweet, full-bodied taste is tilted toward the Grapefruit side of the Citrus family. There’s a hefty orange vibe and a smooth juicy edge but make no mistake with the smoothness – you will taste the ABV.

My notes for this one literally just read :


So take that as a good sign.

This one would be a great introduction to a typical DIPA taste and a likeable flavour to match. 4.2 Babylon Zoo’s out of 5.


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