Despair Came Knocking (Black Lodge Brewery)

Beer of the day on this fine day is Despair Came Knocking by Black Lodge Brewery and I’m already in love with the name as it’s a song name by the recently departed Daniel Johnston. If you’re not aware of his work, you really should be – he was incredible and has left behind a beautifully poetic legacy.

Despair came knocking
At my door
And I let her in
For a while
She sat on the couch
In the end, smoking
She said nothing
Suddenly I felt tired
I began to feel tired
And all of the sudden,
the room seemed dizzy and dirty
Despair came knocking
And I let her in
For a while
(Despair Came Knocking – Daniel Johnston)

So… Beer? Despair Came Knocking (the can) clocks in at 5.9% ABV and lists itself proudly as a Black IPA. I’m already keen on the idea of a black IPA as I’ve had black ales and lagers in the past but never a Black IPA so my interest has been piqued. The ring is pulled and out wafts the malty, fruity aroma that you’d pair up with an IPA but with it, there’s a sort of dank IPA aroma that I’d put with a porter or something like that. Jaysus, this is exciting. Let’s have a go.

On the tongue, it’s surprisingly light, malty, fruity and chocolatey I’d even dare to say. It’s pleasant as all heck and I was honestly not expecting it to drink so smoothly, with that sort of aroma on the nose, you’d expect it to be heavier like a porter or something would be. But this is smoothly drank and goes down really well. Peering into the can, I see nothing, total blackness, the absence of any light and a darkness that could only be fully described by using a H.P. Lovecraft version of the thesaurus.

Black Lodge Brewery, nice work! I really enjoyed that and need to check out more of your range for sure. That was a really tasty surprise and drank really well.

Out of 5? I’d give it 4.1 levels of dankness.


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