Hang Loose, West Coast IPA (Vocation / Magic Rock Brewing)

The tin is both psychedelic and bodacious, literally jumping out from the shelves but not hitting the floor due to the matt grip label. The waft from this 440 boi is pure Juicy Smollet and fruity enough to make you rethink your life. Why didn’t you move to California and learn to surf? Idiot. Instead you’re muttering to yourself and writing beer reviews……

Being a big fan of the New England style the guilt set in and it almost felt like cheating when I first tasted this iteration of the West Coast style. That thought passed very quickly after the first sip and I began booking a hotel room for myself and this beer. The golden and clear pour winking at me with its seductive bubbles. I can’t help thinking this one would be nicer with a bit of haze in it, but then everyone has their kinks and preferences.

Hang Loose boasts fruit by the crate. It’s citrusy with a hint of tropical and pine. There’s a very slight bitterness which exposes the 7% ABV but overall it’s a smooth finish.

We’ve clocked up a good few reviews from both these breweries and the output has been very positive indeed. This collaboration feels like Jobs and Wozniak, or Lennon and McCartney coming together. Hopefully there’s more along the road.

4.5 Yellow Submarines out of 5