Paradise Reef (Glen Affric Brewery)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is the first can of 2020 and the decade – how exciting?!
This one is the Paradise Reef Pina Colada Pale Ale by Glen Affric brewery and it comes in 330mlboi form. However, there’s also a 440ml can as it happens, which is class if this sort of thing is up your street. At 4.7% ABV, we should be looking at a nice mellow tipple full of flavour and tropical goodness but only time will tell.

The tin gets cracked and I notice the tropical notes of coconut and pineapple emanating from the can as I’d hoped for. On the tongue, it’s bursting with that classic pina colada cocktail flavour whilst keeping that subtle pale ale edge as well. It’s very easily drank and the carbonation is quite light, so it feels more of a juice than a beer. From experience, this is dangerous as you end up excitedly sinking the can instead of sitting appreciating it. I know Stu can back me up on this one, we’re can fiends!

‘If you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain’ is on my mind right now. I remember first hearing that song and wondering what the heck Rupert Holmes was singing about there. So, upon looking into it all those years ago, it’s actually about a couple who cheat on each other, then put adverts in the papers to find new lovers and end up on blind dates with each other. In the end, SPOILERS, they end up together. It’s a really bittersweet song cos they end up finding they’re both perfect for each other but had to cheat on each other to appreciate it. Mental. Anyway, I googled it just now to make sure I didn’t make it up and of course the first article to appear is one from the Guardian. The blurb at the top: ‘Maddened by the improbability of the pina colada song, in which a cheating couple end up on a blind date with each other, a data journalist crunches the numbers’ was enough for me, I don’t want to read the crappy drivel of the Guardian and get annoyed today.

SO, beer?! This is tasty, hella tasty. Yes, I used hella in a sentence, it’s that good.
It’s so smooth, fruity, juicy and tropical so I’ll be looking forward to having more than a few of these in the summer on our little surfing trips. Cos I surf now.

Out of 5, I’d give this 4 Holmes.


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