Bock Damm, Lager  – Munich Dunkel (Grupo Damm )

I’m in Spain for New Year’s Eve and sampling the finest local beers I can procure. It’s not all San Miguel out here – there’s a few gems that can be found in the local Bricos but it does require some hunting. Most of the stock in this part of the country is to appease the ex-pat community that keeps the business running so there’s a good selection of English big beer brands, but some the native fair is definitely worth a go. 

For my last review of 2019 I’ll be tackling this hoof-clad fella. I stumbled onto this beast during a supply run. Not expecting to see anything outside of the local or big beer offerings I was pleasantly surprised to see something slightly different. 

As I’ve said before – I’m a sucker for the tin – a great-looking can wins me over every time. The first sip is with the eyes, after all. This could be (along with Baron Rojo, Birra and Blues Brewing ) one of the most metal-looking beers we’ve seen for a while. A goat doing a red star hadouken. Or a goat hugging a star? Who knows. Either way it’s totally metal! (Pictured here in the least metal setting I could find)

This one has a sweet coffee smell. Full and packed with promise.

The taste is malt personified. A rich toasted, nearly burnt malt flavour that is carried along by a subtle sweetness. Dark malty richness from the fiery depths. 330ml,  5.9% – this is an enjoyable sip, not one to casually chug given the ABV and heavy metal dark notes. Deliciously sinful.  A nice find and one I’ll hopefully go back to.

4 summoned pointy bois out of 5. 

We hope you guys have had a fantastic year and from myself and Sean we’d like to say a huge thanks for joining us in 2019. See you next year ! (Etc, etc, yak yak !) UP THE 2020 !


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