Dance Juice, New England IPA (London Beer Factory)

Right we’re doing the veg this year, so i’ve got to cut the carrots into batons and soak them in sweet water, peel the parsnips and get them in to the honey ASAP! The roasties are going to be an operation all by themselves and i need to mull the crap out of some cider…..

Welcome to Christmas!

The prep can be a killer if you’re not on your game. This year we’ve got 12 peeps round for dinner and i’m determined to have a smooth day!

You’re going to need a beer that gets you through the stress of Christmas and my money is ob this 440ml boi from London Beer Factory.

The Dance Juice can boasts an old school ring-pull top and the artwork is great – reminiscent of those old folklore books about the occult. Just me then?

This champion has an insane NEIPA flavour and haze to match. The best way to describe it is : aggressively New England in taste. And i’m stanning for that! Entirely Juicy Smollett but without the allegations. The notes are tropical Citra/Simcoe and extremely full-bodied. 7.5% : The haze is very real. This really is dance juice. It does exactly what it says on the tin….

4 passa doblé out of 5

Have a good one Canners!