Green Power Sour (Bullhouse)

Green Power Sour from Bullhouse brew co is this Wednesday’s lovely tipple. As seen on the can, it touts itself as being an Apple Bubblegum Sour, clocks in at 4% ABV and pours a green colour. I remember explaining the green colour to someone recently and they went off into a rant about how plastic Paddy Americans love the green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. I was saying that it was nothing like that as this is a sour beer but there was no talking to him, his mind was made up. Plastic Paddy rant time was in full swing.
Anyway, BEER. It’s sweet on the nose and if you’ve heard us on the podcast, I’m a wile man for the sour beers, the sourer, the better! So I’m totally excited for this from the get go. I head in for a sip and notice that sour taste, but it’s a mellow sour and not too challenging. I’m not sure if it’s my tastebuds but this is a really pleasant sour and full of flavour instead of being one of those sours that makes your face fold into itself. There’s a nice little carbonation to it as well that I find really refreshing and yeah, it’s such a pleasant wee swall. Taste wise, I’d liken it to those pear drops sweets and the taste just lingers on your tongue for a good while before you head in for the next drink.
To sum up, this is class. Another delicious bevvy from themselves at Bullhouse. I hope this is still around come summer time as I think it’d be a great beer for a sunny day.

I’d give it 4.1 appley-bois out of 5


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