Cooler Shaker, Passionfruit Milkshake IPA (Vocation/Crate Brewing).

In Newcastle Upon Tyne there is a massive [insert supermarket chain here] that has a craft beer section bigger than my house. I literally had to be dragged away from the glorious aisle of wonder….

The whiff of passion fruit from this 440ml boi is staggering. Beautiful and fruity.
The taste is silky smooth and more subtle than the smell might have led you to believe. This one is on the more orangey end of the passion fruit scale but with none of the bitterness of citrus and edging towards the sweetness of pineapple. Ever had five alive? Think smoother.

Weighing in at 6.6% you’d be forgiven if you landed one of these for breakfast. As it happened I waited until 4pm the day after a wedding before this tasty boi brought me back to life. The oats shine though with this one and its reminiscent of a tasty porridge drowned in pure orange juice.

Offerings from both Vocation and Crate have impressed us in the past but this would top the billing for me. Nice work, lads.

4.2 fragile Stu’s out of 5

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