Clockwork Tangerine (Brewdog)

Whats up my droogs? Verily i did viddy this little birdy in the local Super-marche…..

Enough silliness, lets crack this tin.

Not much on the smell-o-meter from this fella – the most striking thing about this offering is just how smooth the initial swig is. When a beer boasts of citrus it’s usually a direct reference to the Citra hops but this 330 boi is orangey!

Clockwork Tangerine is light and juicy but what is most refreshing is the distinct flavour of it. Billed as a session IPA, all the usual Brewdog IPA hallmarks are absent. As we’ve found with the likes of their flagship Punk IPA and Festive IPA – the difference is subtle. Much like Elvis Juice however this one enjoys an identity all of its own.

The aftertaste gives way to a slight zesty bitterness verging on a sour. Juicy but not in the vein of a summer beverage.

Gotta say i enjoyed this one. Not an overly exciting beer but definitely an enjoyable one. At 4.5% its entirely sessionable and not afraid to live its truth.

3.4 Malcolm Mcdowell’s out of 5


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