Hoppy Christmas (Festive IPA, Brewdog)


#NoCraicNovember was an epic success and (at time of writing) we managed to raise £198 for Assisi Animal Sanctuary. Stay tuned for our debrief session in the coming week, but for now it’s back to business as usual : reviewing sweet sweet beer! This post we’ll be looking at Brewdog’s Hoppy Christmas.

What’s so festive about it? Well for starters – the can, the name……. Er…….. that’s really about it. Did I feel festive drinking it? Not overly.

Despite the external elements of the blaring Christmas music and the erecting of the tree there was nothing festive to gain from opening this beer. Is mulled beer a thing? Cinnamon and nutmeg beer? Answers on a Christmas card…

The smell is like a grassier Punk IPA. Maybe my sense are off or maybe they are heightened – The taste is a grower but nothing I would define as new or distinct. The can blurb paints it as the fruitier cousin of the punk, but taste-wise it’s a repackaged Punk (or maybe the Punks Christmas jumper?) 

Just like Netflix’s festive film selection this one left me disappointed. Throw some cheer into the recipe next year!

2 decked halls out of 5.


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