#NoCraicNovember : Erdinger AlkoholFrei

This post is part of Cans Across The World’s No Craic November charity effort. The lads have gone off booze for 30 days to raise funds for ASSISI Animal Sanctuary. Please donate generously at http://www.justgiving.com/CATWNOCRAICNOVEMBER

Here we are now at the end of the road, the 1st of December is in sight and on that day, we’ll have gone a full 30 days without booze to raise funds for ASSISI animal sanctuary. We can’t wait to have a few of our beloved cans again but we’re so happy to have done our bit to support such an amazing charity and all the great work they do. As I was saying on the podcast and previous blogs, I attend a lot of gigs and you only realise how much your activities revolve around going for pints when you’re off it for a month. I’ve been drinking either juice or alcohol free beers on nights out and it’s still a strange experience getting home 100% sober after ‘drinking’ all night. But anyway, without further ado, here’s the final No Craic November beer review.
This night in particular, I was super proud of my ability to stay off the pints as my band Foreignwolf were playing their first gig in McHughs, Belfast. It went down really well and I was in the mood for celebrating afterward so naturally, my mind went to ‘Let’s have a pint by the fire and treat ourselves!’ but of course, nope, I’m still off the drink so I went up to grab the AlkoholFrei beer by Erdinger.
The bottle arrives already cracked and I head in for a swing. Straight away, I notice that it’s quite wheaty and has a nice light malt to it. I think that’s a staple of Erdinger and wheaty type beers are fantastic for the winter nights as they sort of warm the soul. Being that this is an alco free beer, it’s super refreshing and I welcome this after sweating it all out on stage during the show. I got off stage and my shirt was soaked with sweat – Fun fact: I went into the bathroom, took the shirt off and stood bare chested, drying my shirt under the hand dryer. If you had heard about the glamour of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, yes, it’s all true… Can confirm.
I’m halfway through the non-beer at this stage and feel myself recovering from the high energy set we just played. I have a read into the bottle and it contains wheat as well as barley. I was then super boring and had a google on the internet machine to find that wheat and barley have properties that help energy recovery after sports activities. So it makes sense that I’d be recovering and feeling the energy again!
To sum up, this brew is quite pleasant and is probably as close to a real beer as you’re gonna get, whilst still staying off the drink. The taste is quite full and lingers with you, before giving itself away as alcohol free with the watery after taste.

I’d give this a 3.4 Wheatybois out of 5


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