#NoCraicNovember : Fizzy Elderflower (Dalton’s)

#NoCraicNovember is officially knocking our bag in. I’m hugging my Xbox like a life jacket in a stormy sea and Seán said something the other day about turning this into an Absinthe blog. Struggles aside we continue! We’ve raised over £100 for Assisi Animal Sanctuary from your kind donations so far. This is the big push now. We’re crossing that finish line in a flaming wreck 5 days from now! here’s the link ! 

https://justgiving.com/fundraising/catwnocraicnovember )

Now onto a more calming vision : Dalton’s elderflower gives off a very subtle aroma. It doesn’t announce its presence but more whispers it, and if you’re close enough you’ll get a whiff of a fruity and floral smell. 

The taste is refreshing and clean. It’s got a natural taste (unlike many other elderflower flavours on the market) which is a rare find. Elderflower in the current market seems to be a flavour additive rather than an element of composition. “Apple Juice with an elderflower infusion” accounts for that natural sweet taste.

I feel like I’m cheating on my trusty Ikea concentrate with this one.

The tin is golden and doesn’t give much away about the company ethos as the logo takes up most of the can. But fair play to the Dalston clan – i now know their brand.

Carbonated and available in a 4 pack of 330ml bois – this is a posher more refined fizzy elderflower beverage for the market. It’s ticking boxes with the non-alcoholic-for-charity crowd anyway. I don’t feel too bad about the lack of monogamy either…

3.8 cheating pigs out of 5

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