#NoCraicNovember: SanPellegrino Blood Orange

This post is part of Cans Across The World’s No Craic November charity effort. The lads have gone off booze for 30 days to raise funds for ASSISI Animal Sanctuary. Please donate generously at http://www.justgiving.com/CATWNOCRAICNOVEMBER

On previous podcast, I’ve harped on about San Pellegrino’s juice range at length and fawned over this Orange and Blood Orange can in particular so seeing that we’re off the drink until 1st December, I thought I’d rattle over to grab a tin. It clocks in at 0% ABV and is a wee 330ml boi. I crack the tin and notice the fruity notes emanating from inside, it’s definitely orangey on the nose. I realise that this is definitely a can of orange drink, the label isn’t lying at all, not even a bit.
On the teanga (tongue), it’s got that orangey taste again but you really notice the blood orange coming through. If you’ve never had a blood orange, it’s a heavier tasting orange. If a regular orange is Taylor Swift, then blood orange would like, I don’t know, Slayer or something. It’s got that sort of body to it.
To wrap up, this is definitely not alcohol and we’re still 100% sober at this point. As you may have seen on social media, we’re gasping for a tasty craft beer but this is grand because it’s for a great cause. We’re helping the animals, so donate please.

I’d give this a 3.8 Trumps out of 5


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