#NoCraicNovember – Fanta Wildberry, Zero Sugar (Coca-Cola)

It’s a lazy Sunday and i’m sat here churning out content for the blog while my better half ventures to the shops to get me “something i’ve never tried before”. In this case it was Fanta Wildberry.

We’re knee-deep in November now and #NoCraicNovember is in full swing. You’ve probably donated to Assisi Animal Sanctuary already but if you haven’t – here’s a link ! ( https://justgiving.com/fundraising/catwnocraicnovember )

Don’t worry, we’ll wait………………………………………………………………………….Good lad.

This one appears on the Fanta Wikipedia as a regional exclusive and limited edition for a few countries. Despite being listed as retired/discontinued (in Australia, Romania and Ukraine) it is alive and well in Northern Ireland and Kazakhstan. The “Wild Berry Fanta Capitals of the world”.

I purchased the 500ml bottle with the “twisted” mold design but i’m reliably informed it comes in a 355ml boi aswell.

Twisting the cap announces the beverage with a satisfying hiss and the berry wildness begins. “Berries gone WILD!” – Straight away the air is filled with a pungently sweet fruit concentrate smell. It’s in the air, it fills the room, it lives here now.

The taste very much re-affirms that initial statement. The berry flavour is overpowering. It’s really very berry – Mary Berry, even. There’s hints of raspberry and apple, peaches and blackcurrant. Lip-smacking and fruity, this one is refreshing despite the over-bearing sweetness of it, but then that’s really what you’re signing up for with soft drinks, isn’t it?

The Zero sugar option is all the rage in fizzy pop these days but i’m not sure i’m convinced. Essentially we’re swapping one thing for another and trying to fool our bodies into processing it. Does the sugar tax apply to Zero sugar options? Answers on a postcard.

2.2 Bake-offs our of 5


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