#NoCraicNovember: Bavaria 0.0%

This post is part of Cans Across The World’s No Craic November charity effort. The lads have gone off booze for 30 days to raise funds for ASSISI Animal Sanctuary. Please donate generously at http://www.justgiving.com/CATWNOCRAICNOVEMBER

As I mentioned in the last podcast there, one thing I quickly realised since day 1 of No Craic November was that I can’t have a beer when I’m out at a gig or event. I attend quite a lot of them so its definitely been a challenge for sure! Surrounded by your mates getting all merry on whatever tipple they’ve decided to sup on for the 5 or 6 hours of the night out when you’re on the alcohol free stuff is different. But in fairness, I’ve not missed the booze and I’ve been thankful for it the morning after. I’ll wake up fresh as a daisy after a cracking night out and have absolutely no fear or shame bugging me for the day. You know yourselves, with great hangover comes great dread.
But anyway, let’s get stuck in. On this particular night, I was up in the Empire for a gig and chugging away at the 0.0% Bavaria. Of the alco free stuff I’ve tried so far, this is possibly the closest to beer that I’ve gotten so far as this brew is medium bodied and has a light carbonation to it. Obviously it doesn’t carry the boozy taste of its alcoholic brethren but it has a nice flavour to it. What gives it away as not being a beer is that it tastes sugary or even syrupy at times but to be fair, I’ve a massive sweet tooth so I’d happily welcome this any day. Flavour wise, the taste does linger a bit but not as much as a beer would and it just gives way to a watery taste that all these non-alco yokes do.
To sum up, this ain’t too bad and to be fair, if I was gonna stay off the beer forever, I’d happily revisit this and make this a regular brew for a night out. It’s a good driving beer (which is actually a phrase I’ve heard someone say about Coors in general).

I’d give this a 3.1 giggybois out of 5


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