#NoCraicNovember : Sparkling water (S. Pellegrino)

Here we are with our first #NoCraicNovember review! And for this one we’re bringing out the big guns! Before we get started, don’t forget to donate to Assisi Animal Sanctuary via JustGiving !

To quote the great Dr Jordan Peterson : “Sparkling water is like a treat for the senses”. I’d have to agree. What makes something as exciting as water better? I’ll tell you what : FIZZ THAT MUTHA!

Joking aside, this would be my go-to for a healthier beverage option. It’s crisp and clean to taste and the bubbles tickle my beard which is a treat all to itself.

Bottle-wise the green tint speaks to the craft part of my brain. It’s almost as if the manufacturer is concerned with the quality of the product and its storage.

This one is currently making an appearance in the Supermarket £3 meal deals. A healthier choice to our beloved Dr Pepper and a lot classier than a lunch time beer.

You may recognise the name from the “fancy”, tinfoil-topped fizzy orange and lemon. Not a bad representation of the line itself.

If Evian is Naive backwards then call me Onirgellep!
4 fizz tickles out of 5


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