Voodoo Brew (Farmageddon)

And so, we come to 30th October and my last Wednesday beer review blog until December. As you may have seen, Stu and I are doing No Craic November which sees us give up alcohol entirely from 1st November until the 1st December. That’s 30 whole days off the booze to raise funds for Assisi Animal Sanctuary (www.assisi-ni.org). We’ll be reviewing all sorts for the month of November but make sure you donate at http://www.justgiving.com/catwnocraicnovember as all the funds go directly to the charity at the end of the month to support the great work they do over there.

This beer is the Voodoo Brew by Farmageddon which was brewed exclusively for the taps in Voodoo bar, Belfast. I was in Voodoo for a few recently and spotted it on draught. As Pippin said ‘It comes in pints? I’m getting one!’ so I got stuck right into it. The Voodoo Brew clocks in at 4.8% ABV and pours a lovely amber colour with a frothy head. I forgo the sniff test and head straight in for the first sip.

I expected a traditional blonde taste but what I got was more of a session IPA smoothness and it was fantastic. There’s a light carbonation to it and a fantastic body of taste. On the tongue, you’re getting grapefruit and a rather lovely pine-y flavour. It’s really pleasant if I’m honest and there couldn’t a better bar to pair this pint to. In Voodoo, the staff have already made you welcome, the music playlists are always on point and there’s tables out front where you can appreciate the cool autumn evenings.

To sum up, go grab a pint of this at any time. Just bask in Voodoo’s warm embrace and enjoy your time there. Grab a news paper, some friends or a wee book. Voodoo is both a bar to be enjoyed and a brew to savour.

Out of 5? I’d give this a 4.1 shrunken heads out of 5


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