Goose IPA (Goose Island)

A wet Friday afternoon and I’m enjoying the last few sips of sweet beer before #NoCraicNovember takes hold of my alcohol-based choices for a month. By this stage you’re well acquainted with our JustGiving Donation Link so i won’t go into why it’s so important that you donate…..

Seriously though….

This fella has been taunting me from the shelves of <insert giant supermarket chain here> as part of their 4 for £6 deal.

Goose IPA pours as a beautiful golden straw colour. I just got over-excited with the sniff test and caught a nose full of delicious citrus hoppiness. From my nasal cavities i can ascertain a bit of sweetness, so i move onto using my mouth.

To the taste, this one is packing a sack full of hops. The flavour is full on and doesn’t hang about either. I respect that in a beer. The opening is smooth and gives way to a refreshing crispness.

To put it into context i’d say this would be a great house party beer – full bodied enough to enjoy at a decent pace without putting you off hops for a week. At 5.9% it’ll be light enough to keep you from climbing onto the roof and announcing that you’re a golden God.

3.9 nose beers out 5.

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