This November Sean and Stu have decided to do something rather special : They’re going to give up alcohol for an entire month!

Now, i know what you’re thinking :

Who on Earth will give us those comical hot takes on the latest releases in the world of beverages???

— Everyone, 2019

Well fear not gentle reader, for the boys will still will be flaunting their humourless brand of meandering tomfoolery in blog and podcast form throughout the month, with one subtle difference : They’ll be reviewing non alcoholic beers and soft drinks!

They will also be raising money for a very worthy cause : The Assisi Animal Sanctuary ! You can donate to the cause by following the JustGiving link and by sharing and retweeting the lads updates across social media.



Founded in 1997, Assisi Animal Sanctuary is Northern Ireland’s largest independent animal welfare charity, providing shelter for up to 200 companion animals including dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rabbits and guinea pigs and other small furries!  Assisi receives no central or local government funding so relies entirely on the generosity of the public. Last year Assisi rescued over 2,300 animals with operating costs of around £1,000,000.

Assisi is committed to providing an excellent quality of life for our animals no matter what their age or state of health and our aim is to ensure that we give them the best possible treatment while they are in our care and to find them their forever home. . All animals are neutered, vaccinated, treated for worms and fleas and all our dogs and cats are micro-chipped prior to re-homing. We operate comprehensive re-homing criteria to ensure our rescue animals find the best possible home

Animal welfare is at the core of everything we do at Assisi and we strive to reduce and ultimately stop the current destruction of companion animals in Northern Ireland.


Lets make #NoCraicNovember something really special. Literally EVERY penny counts. Please donate via the link :



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