CATW PODCAST Episode 26 – Hell Yeah Custom Tattoos – Halloween Special

This episode the lads record a MAMMOTH PODCAST @ Hell Yeah Custom Tattoos in Bangor and get tucked in to Twisted Hop by Hilden Brewery, Hoppel Hammer IPA by Whitewater brewing and King Goblin by Wychwood brewery. They also meet Jamie Morton owner/proprietor/chief-inker/legend and discuss sponsorship deals, tatts, CGI Deer, and the boys drop a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ! (It’s around the 56:30 mark – if you can’t wait that long you impatient child)

This was a real blast to record. Check out Hell Yeah @ FACEBOOK and Jamies Band AEONS !

Here’s an invitation to stream it on CastboxiTunesSpotifyStitcher and anywhere that deals with that sort of thing….

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