Salty Kiss (Magic Rock)

Posing on the studio floor is Salty Kiss by Magic Rock brewing, the artsy can that’s pictured above. The brew is Magic Rock’s take on the German style Gose beer which is a type of beer that originated in the town of Goslar in the early 13th century. But that was then, this is now! This is a 330ml boi and clocks in at a chilled out 4.1% ABV.

I pick the tin up off the floor, after the little photoshoot for the blog and crack it open. I’m greeted with the aroma of lemon, tart and sour notes on the aul nostrils, it’s unmistakably pleasant. It’s vocal day today in the studio and the final day of recording for my band ForeignWolf ( My drums had been recorded two days prior so today, I can sit back with a few lovely craftybois and eat snacks. I head in for the first sip and straight away, notice the lightly salted sour taste with hints of gooseberry and tart. There’s a slight bitterness to the beer but nothing that’ll make you wince or recoil in abject terror. The brew is light to medium bodied and would make a perfect dessert beer, you could pair this with a little salted caramel toffee cake and it would go down nicely. The carbonation isn’t too powerful here which kinda lets it down but I suspect that was probably down to the fact that it has been canned and not on draught.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed this tipple. It’s another new sour to tick off the list and an a pleasant one at that. I’d love to try this on draught though as I feel higher carbonation would probably bring the flavour out a bit more. But that’s just personal preference.

Out of 5, I’d give this 3.7 sourbois out of 5.



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