Rustbucket Rye IPA (Kinnegar)

Today’s featured brew is Rustbucket Rye Ale by Kinnegar and as you can see, this photo was taken on a night out. It was a chilled evening and we were just hopping around from bar to bar, gossiping, munching and having the craic. Then we get to 39 Gordon Street and notice quite a few craft beers in the fridge behind but my eyes are immediately drawn to this Kinnegar bottle that I haven’t yet tried. So, I order it, the cap is cracked and I head in for a sniff to get a feel for it. I get a citrus infused fruity aroma firing up the auld nostrils and the mouth is already watering. I probably looked weird sniffing a bottle to my fellow publicans but sure, this isn’t just any sesh, this is a tasting and it’s classy!
On I go for the first sip and straight away, a wave of biscuity sweetness washes over me, followed by a citrus & grapefruit taste on the tongue. There’s a really light, pleasant spice in there too which I’m a big fan of. It’s just the right amount of spice and I think of the times where I’ve had brews with a really invasive spice present which can be quite challenging if you’re looking to just quench your thirst and appetite for beers.
Unlike the cans with the really happening artwork, you can see that the label is more simple, presumably to keep up with the demand of bar stock. I like the design though as by this stage, I was feeling pretty merry but still able to clearly look across the bar, into the fridge and ask for the beer by name instead of simply pointing and saying ‘the orange one’. So, the label was highly effective in that regard!
To sum up, this is a fantastic malty rye brew and goes right after your sweet taste buds in a big way. It comes in a 500ml bottle and is 5.1% ABV so you could do as I did and simply sip away at it to round off your night instead of just hammering back the weaker mainstream lagers that one might normally swill on a night out. I’d definitely recommend this for sure!

I’d give this a 3.9 rusties out of 5


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