INDY LAGER (Fourpure)

It’s no secret that we’re big Fourpure fans here at Cans Across The World so as you could imagine, when we found out that a local bar was selling them by the can as part of their ‘beer of the month’ promotion, we were buzzin’ – there’s something about drinking a can in a bar that just feels exciting. You’re thinking ‘I’m drinking a beer but it’s not in a glass, it’s in a can. This ain’t right but I love it!’ So, here we are with the Fourpure Indy Lager. Clocking in at a 4.4% ABV, 25 IBU and as mentioned earlier, in 500ml can form!
I crack the can and forget all about the taste test as we had been talking loads so my mouth was as dry as a Todd Barry stand up comedy set (if you don’t know Todd, you should). The first sip yields a distinctly lager taste and I immediately taste a more traditional German style off this beer. Curiously enough, it’s brewed with German hops which would give it that sudden interesting lift above say, the Shmrennents or Yarp lagers available in the same bar. There’s a nice light lemon zest to this lager and I could imagine this appealing to the mass produced beer drinker as it’s not challenging, which I guess explains why it’s beer of the month in a rather prominent bar in the heart of Belfast. The really slight bitterness can be explained by the type of hops present. There are German aroma hops present – aroma hops contain a lower amount of bitter acids and add more hop aroma and flavor rather than bitterness. So you’re getting more of the hoppy goodness than bitterness.
To sum up, it’s a nice lager and certainly better than the average lager you’d find in a bar. If you find yourself constantly drinking the same pint week in, week out, switch it up and grab an Indy Lager instead. Treat your tastebuds to a change and enjoy your afternoon.

I’d give this a ruddy good 3.8 Jones’s out of 5


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