Gamma Ray (American Pale Ale, Beavertown Brewery)

Beavertown is starting to get that reaction from the gatekeepers that Brewdog is currently enjoying. “Beavertown?? That’s macro-beer!” But as we’ve already established – the gatekeepers don’t want to share their toys with rest of us. They’re not good at the game so they’re taking their ball and going home. If that is the case then crack on – we’re using this pitch for a new game! Hops are green……..grass is green……..pitches………

A Gamma Ray tap recently appeared in one of our locals and i don’t mind admitting – i have punished it. This review is a tin however. A beautiful looking 330 boi. The can art as ever is extraordinary – a crazy collage of UFO’s and spacemen, a combination that is always a winner. Love them or hipster-hate them : Beavertown is distinct in every aspect.

Cracking it open the smell is delicious on the nose. Theres a waft of sweetness that leads to a really hoppy and almost lager smell.

A great initial flavour, smooth and not at all harsh in the middle. An actual flavour beer which seems to be a bullseye for APA’s and not just a generic brew taste. This one is light and entirely sessionable despite it’s 5.4% volume.

Feeling fragile at the time of tackling this one and it’s bringing me back to life.

4 out of 5 Mars Attacks! AK AK AK AK!!!


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