Faith Pale Ale (Northern Monk)

Would the congregation please rise and join us in welcoming Faith modern pale ale as the first brew that we’ve tried by Northern Monk? Yay. Welcome. Flying in at 5.4% ABV, 30 IBU and in a 440ml tin, this Monk joins us now. Initially, I picked up the can from the off licence based on the name alone as I’m a massive buckfast fan, which is of course made by the monks in Devon, who technically would be the southern monks (you can see how easy I am to please when it comes to marketing, easily led).
So anyway… Beer? I crack the tin and take in the citrusy, mango, fruity aromas and immediately head for a sip straight after. The beer drinks so smoothly, you’d be forgiven if you let out a huge ‘Sweet Jesus…. Ahhhhhhhh’ after your initial sip. The taste is tropical and fruity which makes it perfect for sitting out with pals having chats on an evening as it’s really easily drank. The only downside for me though and it’s my own fault for not thinking ahead, I wish I had brought my tasting glass with me because I looked up different photos and it looks to pour a hazy colour with a fluffy white head so I’ll have to get another tin of this just to have it from the glass as well.
All in all, I’ve enjoyed this beer. It’s not challenging and it’s a great sipper when you’re in the sociable mood to swan about talking to people, whilst still drinking a tasty little beverage. In the words of the Lord – You gotta have Faith!

I’d give this 3.7 George Michaels out of 5


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