Hurricane American Hop IPA (Eight Degrees Brewing)

Louis Theroux tried to warn us this would happen. As i write this something monumental is occurring in the United States of America. It’s something that will be taught about in history classes for years to come. It’s not the protests and strikes regarding climate change that are also taking part across the world. Nor is it the apocalyptic storm flooding in Houston. No.

They are currently storming Area 51.

There seems to be a complete media blackout of the situation and all of the Youtube live streams appear to be loops of the hours before the scheduled raid. Whatever goes down – the fact that thousands of people communed in the desert, as a celebration of the absurd, will be remembered for years to come.

So with that bald Eagle spirit i crack open a tin of the Cork-based, Eight Degrees Brewing – Hurricane.

The smell is strong, the first sip is stingingly crisp. Citrusy and malty – the taste is well rounded but a bit lighter than the likes of its sibling Eight Degrees Citra. This does however make for a more sessionable brew.

It carries a distinct trademark Simcoe flavour and pours with dirty natural colour. I’d say the wheat gives it body and boldens the kiwi notes amping up the 5.8% aftertaste.

As mentioned in both the blog and pod, this brew succumbs to the “Crate effect” of identical-looking tins. It doesn’t necessarily ruin the experience but with tins looking so similar in the range it requires extra care in the off-sales.

3.2 Alien cheeks out of 5


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