Big Little IPA (Heaney)

Heaney is today’s beer of choice and again, I grabbed this delicious tin from the Vineyard, Belfast. I’ve had a few of the Heaney beers before and they’ve all been class. The red ale and the blonde session ale in particular were just pure tasty so definitely grab a few Heaney beers when you’re doing your shopping. Today’s can though is the Big Little IPA and it comes in 440ml can form, so it’s a nice tallboi to tee us off into the afternoon’s activities. At 4.2% ABV, I’m thinking it should be fairly session-able as that’s your sort of standard ABV for beers of this calibre these days, so we should be in for a grand old time here.
The can is lashed open anyway and I notice the hoppy fruity notes emanating from the ring of the tin as I head in for the first sip. The taste is sweet and tastes a bit tropical, like an easy going juice almost. It’s really easy to drink and I find myself slumping back into the chair, throwing the head back and day dreaming with the eyes scanning the sky above for the seagulls who can be heard roaring the heads off each other. As you could imagine, it’s a lazy afternoon here for sure.
Before I know it, I reach the end of the tin and although it was enjoyable, I can’t help but think that the carbonation felt a bit low on this and could be higher to bring the beer to that next level. Which makes me think that this is a beer that would be absolutely class on draught as well. So, I’m gonna make it a mission of Cans Across The World to have this on draught somewhere. If you see it anywhere, please let us know and we’ll go there as it’s such a pleasant tipple that we’d love to try it out in other forms than can as well.
So, to sum up? Yes. This is the gear and it really hit the spot if I’m honest!

I’d give this a 3.8 Skibidi’s out of 5


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