Eyeball Black (Dark Lager, Eyeball Brewing)

This 4.9% 330ml boi confuses the absolute life out of me. To quote Moss from IT Crowd : “Every value I’ve ever held is being questioned, and I’m loving it.

The tin states that Eyeball Black is “lager but not as you know it” which is probably the most accurate way to describe it. It’s dark and malty, smells like a stout, tastes like a porter but no – this is apparently a lager.

Eyeball Black states it is “a celebration of dark malts against a background of hop bitterness”. I can confirm that the taste and colouring is as dark as the night is long. Regardless of how this one self-identifies the taste is still light for being a “not-a-porter”or lager.

About half way down i begin to come around to the idea that it is not a porter, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a lager. It’s enjoyable but i think it has an identity issue.

Current identitarian society aside…..the matt grip sticker is beautiful. This brew is stylish and coffee/malty as all feck. To me, nothing about this is a lager aside from the thin foam clinging the glass.

Full of intrigue and mystery. 3.4 Unsolved Mysteries out of 5.



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