Irish Craft Saison (Boyne Brewhouse)

It’s the day after we got home from my stag-do in Portugal and the mere thought of alcohol is turning my stomach like a merry-go-round. Maybe it was the manly Strawberry Daquiris which we consumed at an alarming rate, or the gallons of local (and widely available) Sagres Lager that put me into this fearful state – either way it’s safe to say i’m off the Sambuca for the forseeable future.

A 3 day hangover, a powerful thirst and a healthy dose of the fear is what led me to this cheeky number from the folks at Boyne Brewhouse. Award winningly cheeky you might say as this Saison has picked up a Gold at the Alltech Dublin Craft Beer Cup (2017) and again at the 2018 World Beer Awards. Nothing screams WELCOME HOME like an Irish crafty boi….

The smell is like a lager but with a faint whiff of sweetness. Taste-wise : This one is crisp and refreshing with a fruity and peppery aftertaste. Some would describe it as dry but those people would be reading too much into it. A solid all rounder, this one. A crafted Irish Saison from a brewery that has stolen our hearts.

500ml bottle and 5.5% : Another quality performance from these guys – not our first review and sure not to be our last. 3.5 welcome homes out of 5

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