Green Devil IPA (Oakham Ales)

Today’s tipple was found in our beloved Laverys, Belfast on a chilled evening. It was the sort of evening where you grab a beer, a pool table and just sit chatting utter cod’s wallop with your mates, fantastic. As you can see from the pic above, the Green Devil IPA by Oakham brewery comes in 500ml bottled form and weighs in at the ripe old ABV of 6%. So straight away, this guy is gonna be a sipper. Being that we’re in a bar, the bottle was already uncapped by the staff and I head back to the table with the round.
I have a bit of a sniff and notice the orange & pine notes flying out of the bottle and it’s really pleasant on this ol’ summers eve. The first sip is had and right off the bat, it’s lovely and really hits home with that hoppy malty goodness that we all enjoy about a good craft beer. There’s a bit of a sourness about it as well, not much but it lingers on the tongue after you’ve got the stuff down your gullet.
The craic is good so we soon find ourselves picking up the pace a bit and before I know it, the bottle is gone. One thing that really stood out was the consistency of the IPA from start to finish, it was the same all the way to the bottom and I had a good time drinking it.
One criticism though and it’s of no fault of the IPA itself but I’d love to have this on draught as I’d imagine there’d be a nice little head on it that would lend more to its flavour. After the beer was finished with, I had another ordered right away and was enjoying the second one as well. It’s a great ‘quiet drink’ beer, one where you can just sit there and shoot the shit with your pals whilst the world whizzes on around you.

I’d give this a 3.8% Hail Santas out of 5


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