Wild Card Brewery IPA

Today’s tin comes from Wild Card Brewery and it’s simply dubbed ‘India Pale Ale’. No fancy name or anything, they’re just putting it all out on main street and we love that about it straight away. The tin itself is gorgeous with its artsy card design with the wee bird. As you can see from the photo, it’s a wee 330ml boi and I’ve paired it with a massive pizza! It clocks in at 5.5% and I’m thirsty, so let’s crack this thing.
I notice the sweet pineapple aroma wafting out of the can as I head in for the first sip. It’s actually delicious and not too bitter as I thought it would be from the smell. As expected, the beer is quite light, drinks very easily and I have to remind myself to sip it as there’s still quite a bit of pizza to get through.
After a short while, the pizza and can are finished. I’m left sitting there really content as the beer went down really well with the munch.
So to round things up, this can is zesty, citrusy and really thirst quenching. I could see myself having a few of these on a warm summer’s day for sure, maybe even bring them to the beach with a wee picnic.
To be fair, I’ve really enjoyed this and it’s got me in a great mood to enjoy the rest of the night now. 3.7 Wildbois out of 5.


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