Yippee IPA (Loopland Brewing)

During our visit to Northern Lights up on Ormeau road, Belfast, we got to try out various brews by loads of different breweries but one that really caught our tastebuds was Yippee IPA by Loopland brewery. This can clocks in at 4.5% ABV, 54 IBU and just jumped off the shelf at me with its blatant Die Hard reference. Or at least, I hope it’s a Die Hard reference… ‘YIPPEE IPA MOTHERF***ER!’

So… Beer? As you can see from the photo above, it has a lovely golden colour about it and pours a very generous head, meaning the first sip leaves you with a boozy moustache that you can either wipe off or if you’re an absolute savage like me, just lick it off in one swoop, like a big gross chap. I notice the taste is slightly bitter and definitely earns the 54 IBU from the label. It’s a fun tasting tipple and I’m enjoying it but I couldn’t see myself going back for another, like I couldn’t have 2 of these in a row. There’s something not quite there about it as it tastes a bit thin but this might just be down to the fact that it’s in a can. Being that the head comes out the way it does, I’d love to taste this on draught as I’d imagine the on tap setting is where this brew really excels.

That being said, it is a tasty wee number and it drinks well in the little beer garden out the front of the Northern Lights. You can just sip it and watch the world go by on a summer’s afternoon and that’s a great quality to have. It’s a mellow sipper and I love it for that.

I’d give it 3.5 Nakatomi towers out of 5


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