Baron Rojo (Red Ale, Birra & Blues Brewing)

A 330ml bottle sitting pretty at 4.5% vol, The label is METAL. AS. FECK. and entirely reminiscent of Iron Maiden’s Ace’s High artwork.

“Made for the Spanish rock group of the same name, this copper coloured ale brings flavours of toasted caramel, an earthy hop bitterness and slightly dry finish. Recommended pairing: At a rock concert, straight from the bottle!”

The smell doesn’t give too much away. Maybe faintly strawberry?

The colour is pale enough for a red ale.

The taste registers faintly of honey, marzipan and malty meade but ultimately gives way to the light and fruity. It’s got flavour to it, a unique flavour, not a red ale flavour. This one is as unique as its label. It tastes like black forest gateaux – dark and fruity with a berry undercurrent of tartness with hints of chocolate.

This Spanish red ale is different and that’s what makes it such a strong piece of work.

3.3 out of 5 seventh sons

Here’s the lads now :


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