Gooseberry and Elderflower Sour (The Garden Brewery)

Alright, so this is quite possibly the lowest ABV beer we’ve covered on Cans Across The World so far. At 2.8%, I can imagine it’s gonna be a mellow one. I go ahead and crack open the tin to have the first sip. The sour notes hit me straight away and I notice the entire flavour, wow it’s really there for you and it pulls no punches. There’s the gooseberry, there’s the elderflower and YEEOOOO there’s the sour, with the quite bitter after taste that just lingers until you head in for your next sip. Now, THIS is a can for a warm day.

I keep drinking away at the can and notice the blurb in the untappd app when checking it in. The blurb reads ‘A clean and refreshing Berliner Weisse generously hopped with Nelson Sauvin.’ I had a wee read at this a few times, ‘Nelson Sauvin’ I thought ‘Who the feck is he? A master hopper?’ Probably not. So naturally I have a wiki at what this Nelson business is all about and it turns out that it’s the following:

Nelson Sauvin™ is an excellent dual purpose hop; providing both intense, distinct flavour characteristics as well as high alphas. An excellent all-rounder, this hop is able to produce big punchy Ales as well as subtle yet bitter Lagers. In a nutshell Nelson Sauvin™ can be described as a “quintessentially New Zealand” variety that has gained an international reputation in the speciality craft and seasonal beer market

How interesting is that? Learn something brew every day! Totally explains why this beer is so low in ABV but so bitter in taste. I’m keen on this brew and could imagine pairing it with a delicious apple pie with some whipped cream on top so the next time I grip one of these tins, it’ll be accompanied by a wee dessert as well.

All in all, I was keen on this beer and would give it a 3.3 bitterbois out of 5



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