Is all craft beer cloudy ?

The current trend in beer is “cloudy goodness” but is haze just a phase? IPA will always be the pinnacle of craft beer stylings. It can present as both cloudy and clear, but how does this affect the taste?

Is all craft beer cloudy ? The answer is NO! Many brewers are currently enjoying the trend of hazy IPA’s which originated on the East Coast of America. As a result the style is now defined as “hazy” or “clear”.

Hazy beers tend to be from smaller batch breweries and are largely unfiltered giving it a less than clear appearance. This can also be the case when beers contain wheat. Filtering can remove a lot of the flavour.

The haze is sediment in the brew, for the most part – yeast and protein left over from the process. It is also a sign of freshness in certain styles. If you get a hazy Hefeweissen or Belgian Strong Ale that is hazy this may be a bad batch or pour. Generally with Ales the clarity is a sign that the brew is ready to be tasted.

If the sediment is white and flaky this is usually a sign of bad beer and is probably not safe to consume.

We’ll get into bottle-conditioned beers and living processes in another post….

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