Massey Red Ale (Hillstown Brewery)

500ml bottle 5.2%

I think at this stage in the blog we’ve tackled pretty much all of Hillstown Breweries offerings, whether in podcast form or blog form or just generally during a session. It’s hardly surprising that we’ve enjoyed them in varying (but consistently positive) ways.

It’s 2 in the afternoon, on a Friday and i’ve just had a salad. It’s with a certain amount of smugness that i open this offering of red ale…

Again i notice the great line art from SuperSimbo.Com that adorns the Hillstown range.

Theres something special about Irish Red Ale specifically. It’s a certain malty smell that other red ales can’t seem to replicate.

The taste leaves no doubt and it doesn’t fail to get straight to the point : You are drinking a bold ale.

I’m initially not getting any of the caramel or fruit notes that the bottle boasts, this faintly plays out in the echoes of the aftertaste but there is a slight hint of chocolate from the get go.

A slow sipper with a classy taste. Not a party ale. One for your Dad to fall asleep watching Formula 1 to. Sophisticated. 2.4 tractors out of 5

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