Black Sheep Ale (Black Sheep Brewery)

During the summer months, I like to bring a beer or 2 into the studio to sip whilst hammering away at the aul drums to refresh myself a bit as it can get mad sweaty in there. Today’s tipple is the Black Sheep ale by Black Sheep brewery and I was drawn to it by the lovely sheepyboi on the label there and thought about that Black Sheep coffee shop we went to in London before seeing the almighty Slayer (insert scream here), Lamb of God, Anthrax and Obituary. Ahhhhhh… Memories!

But anyway, we’re not here to chat about how class that gig was, we’re here to have a look at the beer. As we say on the podcast. So… Beer?

This bottle is a 500ml boi, clocks in at 4.4% abv and hails from Marsham, Yorkshire which is also boasts the Theakston brewery, so they’ve got that going for them as well. So on we go, I cracked the bottle cap off the snare drum (it’s a tour skill) and head in for a swig. It drinks nicely, quite smooth and it’s a sipper for sure. It doesn’t hang around but instead, it gets straight to the point. It’s dry, slightly bitter and it’s perfectly balanced, as all ales should be.

I could see myself having a few of these for sure, on a casual sunny Sunday in the back garden, just sipping away and reading a wee book. Probably something by Samuel Beckett, Flann O’Brien or one of them wans y’know. Something classic to match this absolute old timer of an ale!

Out of 5, I’d give it a 3.8 baaaaaas.



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